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ICNR is proud to announce the release of their revolutionary, all-natural, Anti-Oxidant Toothpaste, Aqua Essence. Unlike other leading brands, ICNR focuses on providing the teeth and gums with a unique blend of herbs and nutrients to promote healing and prevent cavities every time you brush. In a clinical survey conducted by an internationally known biological dentist, 9 out of 10 participants who experienced common oral concerns were able to improve their oral health in less then 30 days. Aqua Essence promotes the healing and prevention of many common dental concerns such as: bleeding, irritated or swollen gums, tooth decay, and even sensitive teeth. Try ICNR’s new, Aqua Essence toothpaste for yourself and treat your mouth to healthy reason to smile.

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10 Healthy Reasons To Switch ...

  1. Contains all-natural ingredients with clinically proven healing properties
  2. Non-toxic formula (Contains no harmful fluorides, chemicals or fillers)
  3. Naturally fights bacteria and reduces cavities
  4. Safe for ALL ages
  5. Promotes healing and repair of sore and bleeding gums
  6. Safely cleans and whitens teeth
  7. Natural mint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh every time you brush
  8. Invigorates oral freshness by providing natural vitamins and herbs
  9. Proven defense against many common oral disorders and ailments
  10. Packaged in a clean, “no-mess” easy to use dispenser
Aqua Essence Testimonials


After years of using over-the-counter toothpastes, like Colgates, I finally found an all natural one that didn’t make me nauseous and leave a bad taste in my mouth. Using Aqua Essence Toothpaste not only left my mouth so clean and feeling smooth to the touch it also did not make me nauseous. I recommend this product highly to anyone who is looking for a healthier formula.   Angie G.

I suffered from bleeding gums and painful gingivitis for years. I tried ICNR’s, Aqua Essence toothpaste and within the first couple of weeks the pain had gone away and there was no more bleeding.   —Johana R.

My wife used to go to the dentist nearly every couple of months with a toothache. She has had more cavities and dental surgery than anyone else that I know. We were desperate for a solution and tried nearly everything possible. I came across ICNR’s, Aqua Essence toothpaste and thought that we would give it a try. Within the first month she was able to see and feel a difference. We are proud to say that since we had switched to ICNR’s, Aqua Essence toothpaste she has not had a single cavity!   —Mike F.

Aqua Essence Active Ingredients

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Aqua Essence Active Ingredients

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